Turbo Sessions - Starting 31st Oct

Date Published: 23rd August 2017

Turbo sessions will be starting again on Tuesday 31st October and Thursday 2nd November 2017.

Both sessions are held at Stonehaven Community Centre.

Tuesday is from 1815-2015 in the Outdoor Hall and Thursday is 1800-2000 in the Blue Room. Doors open at the stated time and the sessions will start at 1845 on Tuesday and 1830 on Thursday.

The sessions will not be coached, but general advice will be available. Sessions will follow a progressive plan between October and March to ensure that you maintain your fitness and will move through cadence work, speed and strength sessions over the winter.

Mo is looking for people to whistle blow for both Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you plan to attend the sessions, you will be expected to take a turn whistle blowing, as all those attending want to train and the more people who volunteer the less sessions we will have to do. Last year we had enough people on Thursday evenings so most of us only had to cover one session.

Last year Neil kindly covered the majority of the Tuesday sessions but is unable to commit to this for this year so we will also need whistle blowers for Tuesdays as well.

Even if you don't plan to take part, please consider helping out for those who like to sweat buckets on Tuesday and Thursday.

Remember we are a club run by volunteers and every little bit of help is appreciated.

Please can you email: drdhoward@btinternet.com if you are able to help, saying which days you would be available. If you know that you can not cover a specific date please can you also include that information.

If you want to give turbo a go you need the following:

Bike, Turbo, water bottles, towel- you get very hot - and £2. Happy to answer any questions.

Thank you in advance.