Wednesday Night Cycle (12 April '17)

Date Published: 10th April 2017

Wednesday Night Cycle

This week there are a few changes to the routes for each of the groups given what we learnt from last week.

All groups will again meet at the Garden Centre

The beginners group will set off at 6:20pm and will head up the Auchenblae road before turning onto the Swanley and carrying on out the road before joining the Slug and heading back in the road to Stonehaven.

The route is approximately 11miles.

The slow and slow-medium group will set off at 6:30pm.

They will head out the Auchenblae road and turn down to Carmount Station. You will take a sharp right down at the station and follow the road up the hill and head towards Drumlithie and carry on to Glenbervie. In Glenbervie you will take a right turn at the church, head up the road over the hill before turning back onto Auchenblae road and heading back in the road.

This route is approximately 20miles.

The fast and fast-medium group will head out the Auchenblae road to the junction at Auchenblae before turning right to head up and over the hill to Glenbervie. In Glenbervie you will take a left turn at the church and follow the same route back to Stonehaven as the slow and medium groups.

The group will set off at approximately 6:40pm. The route is approximately 25miles

It is important when you are allocated to your group that you stay with the group for the complete ride. Each group will have a focal point who will ensure no one is dropped.

If you find the group is not right for you then you can find the right level the following week. If you are unsure of what level you are at start in a slower group and work your way up until you find your level.

Each group will have no more than 8 riders.

There is useful information on the here giving guidance on group riding…/2017-04-06-group-riding-some-b….

Please take the time to read this if you are new or unsure of what you should be doing.

Remember your lights and suitable clothing - warm and visible. Looks like it might be a bit cooler and breezy.

Looking forward to an incident free and enjoyable nights cycle.